Our Space

Attention to detail is an important aspect for us and makes all the difference when looking to optimise the healing potential received at our boutique spa.

We have carefully chosen a unique combination of factors to deeply enrich the experience received in our treatment room.

One of the first aspects you will meet when visiting our center are the beautiful crisp, high definition sounds, created by the Bowers & Wilkins surround sound system.

This system flows ambient 432 Hz attuned music to aid the opening of the heart center and generate resonance with natural frequencies. The stones that shroud the treatment room are rich in large quartz crystals that absorb and amplify the healing vibrations of the music and twinkle during evening candle lit sessions.

We invite you to ground your energies and wash away the troubles of the day in our tropically planted rain shower den.

The dense foliage enriches the oxygen of the space and our rain shower water is diligently filtered through a 6 stage comprehensive water filtration system, removing traces of: chlorine, fluoride, pathogenic bacteria, hormones, pharmaceutical medications, micro-plastic particles and calcium. The water also passes through a unique ORP ceramic filtration system that generates additional molecular hydrogen+, the manufacturer reports: that this offers health advantages in the form of antioxidants that combat the effects of free radicals, promotion of tissue hydration and boosts to the body’s immune system and cells.

We appreciate that the greatest way to facilitate healing in the body is through relaxation. With this in mind we want to create every opportunity for you to feel relaxed at each and every stage of your experience with us. As you step out of the tropical shower den and adorn a luxurious fluffy robe we will have a warming cup of herbal tea ready for you to begin your consultation. Your consultation is your time to share any aspect that is important to you and we can work together to create a treatment that is truly attuned to where you are on that day; be it energising, relaxing, to address a specific health concern or just an opportunity for you to receive some nourishing care. We host a range of holistic therapies for you to choose from and a quick phone call to our therapy room reception will offer Ed or Ayre the opportunity to assist you in choosing your perfect care.


(+44) 1935 891 376    |    ayre@amoraea.com